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Thriller Review – The Far Sands

The Far Sands by Andrew Garve

Review by Matt B. (BuffaloSavage)


This novel from 1960 is a thriller.

A British Foreign Office diplomat meets an attractive woman on vacation. Love blooms. They marry hastily. Dip meets the sister- and brother-in-law. Charming people. Newly Mrs. Diplomat and her sister are identical twins.

But in a shocking turn of events the brother-in-law is seemingly done to death by the sister-in-law. Evidence says she did it but Mrs. Dip can’t believe it and works to clear dead sis’s name. Mr. Dip is between a rock and a hard place: the clear evidence versus his bride’s determination and ingenuity. But they get a line on the possible murderer!

Garve wrote tight mysteries with not a word out of place, not a word wasted. Excellent novels to read while traveling.




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