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Paranormal Romance Review – The Lion’s Share

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016


The Lion’s Share by Karin Shah

Review by Cynthia F. (frazerc)

First off – I loved it. I hadn’t read the first two in the series but that is being quickly remedied. This is an action-based paranormal read that manages to grip the reader on an emotional level as well. Although the action is pretty non-stop you rapidly come to empathize with the hero and later the heroine. I’m not sure how to talk about the plot without leaving spoilers but there are plot twists that the reader doesn’t see coming and there is a very satisfying ending.

On a general note, I read a lot of paranormal and shifter stories but this is the first time I’ve found one using chimeras. I mean, three forms? Lion, dragon and [ultra-yummy] human? How cool is that??

I liked the hero – he and his brother thought shifters were some fantasy thing that belonged in the movies; at least until they became shifters themselves. Loyalty to their foster brother gets them into trouble; first in the army and then later. And by trouble I mean being blackmailed into committing a felony and meeting your mate in the process – your FBI agent mate…

The heroine is a tough agent with skills and determination and absolutely no intention of getting caught in a no-win situation with some gorgeous perp who just happens to look like a carbon copy of a childhood friend. Fate must have a real sense of humor…

A word of warning however – this is a real page-turner. Do not start late at night, or when your in-laws or coming for dinner, or when you have to get your kids to soccer…

The Chimera Chronicles series

In Like a Lion

Entity Mine

The Lion’s Share

[Coming in July – Ty’s story]

Lion’s Prey

Mystery Monday – Murder a la Mode

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Murder a la Mode by Patricia Moyes

Review by Matt B. (buffalosavage)

The smell of bitter almonds tells series hero Inspector Tibbett that it’s homicide. Who would want to murder an assistant editor at a fashion magazine?

Moyes usually takes readers into subcultures, realms of their own. In Death on the Agenda, the setting is an international convention of narcotics cops. In what some call her best mystery, Falling Star, it is a movie set.

In this one, Moyes returns to a chaotic but irresistible setting, the world of fashion peopled by beautiful if dim models, pressed career women, and the creative types that are irascible and short with anybody or anything that gets between them and Their Vision. The fashion world is as convincing as the movie set in Falling Star. Moyes had worked as a PA to actor and director Peter Ustinov, so she knew about the production and business pressures of movie making. She is knowledgeable about publishing a fashion magazine because she was an assistant editor at Vogue for a time. Moyes effectively evokes the pre-Twiggy swinging London of the early Sixties.

Moyes wrote 19 mysteries and many short stories starring the main characters of Scotland Yard Inspector Henry Tibbett and his wife and Emmy. The helpmeet Emmy does not appear as a major character in this one, however. This, I think, is the first appearance of Emmy’s sister Jane, brother-in-law Bill and niece Veronica, a model, all of whom show up in the other Tibbett novels.

I don’t like to think that I read cozy mysteries, but I guess I have to say this is a cozy because it is in the old whodunit tradition: amusing prose, persuasive witty characters, a little romance, a genial series hero, a well-plotted puzzle, all the suspects gathered in the same place, a surprise reveal and that smell of bitter almonds.

This novel won rave reviews when it was first published in 1963. Critic Anthony Boucher (said like “voucher”) compared it to the best of Marsh, Allingham, and Blake.




Free Book Friday Winner!

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

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Free Book Friday! Luck Be a Lady!

Friday, June 10th, 2016

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Luck Be a Lady
by Meredith Duran

THE WALLFLOWER — They call her the “Ice Queen.”  Catherine Everleigh is London’s loveliest heiress, but a bitter lesson in heartbreak has taught her to keep to herself.  All she wants is her birthright — the auction house that was stolen from her.  To win this war, she’ll need a powerful ally.  Who better than infamous and merciless crime lord Nicholas O’Shea?  A marriage of convenience will no doubt serve them both.

THE CRIME LORD — Having conquered the city’s underworld, Nick seeks a new challenge.  Marrying Catherine will give him the appearance of legitimacy — and access to her world of the law-abiding elite.  No one needs to know he’s coveted Catherine for a year now — their arrangement is strictly business, free from the troubling weaknesses of love.  Seduction, however, is a different matter — an enticing game he means to ensure she enjoys, whether she wishes to or not….

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Audiobook Review – Then Came You

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner


Review by Mirah Welday (mwelday)

Jennifer Weiner’s Then Came You is a novel told through various voices.  I listened to the audiobook and was quickly drawn into the lives of each character and became very curious about how all of the characters’ stories would come together.

At its essence, Then Came You is a love story that is multi-layered and multi-faceted.  Characters who probably would not have ever been in the same story come together through a variety of both positive and negative decisions.

Julie is ‘discovered’ in the mall but not by a modeling agency, by an agency that provides eggs to people who are trying to have children.  Her decision to donate her eggs is rooted in her love of family but will this be as simple a choice as she thinks?

Annie is married and she and her husband are struggling to make ends meet.  As a mother of her own children, she knows that being pregnant is something she knows how to do.  She sees the prospect of being a surrogate as a way she can make much-needed money for her family while helping another family at the same time.

But how will Julie and Annie’s decisions impact other characters in the story?  Weiner gives a unique voice to each character and deftly links the lives of all of the characters together.  I think listening to the audiobook was the right choice for me. The characters were funny, witty, sarcastic, condescending, and caring and their personalities were so clearly portrayed by the narrators.  If you’re in the mood for some good chick lit with some scheming, backstabbing, and forgiveness, you may want to give Then Came You a listen.




Mystery Monday – Murder in High Place

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Murder in High Place by R. B. Dominic

Review by Matt B. (buffalosavage)


When combative Karen Jenks is recalled from a small South American country where she was conducting research for her master’s thesis, she demands that her congressman help clear her name. Her rep in D.C. is series hero Benton “Ben” Safford (D., OH). He starred in seven mysteries between 1968 and 1983. This novel is the second in the series.

Ben’s default setting is to do his best by his southern Ohio constituents. So, only reluctantly does he get involved in a matter that touches on foreign affairs. Just before a meeting at which he was going to discuss Jenks’ case, a foreign aid bureaucrat is bashed on the head and tossed out a window.

Ben and his staff are also put in the poor position by Karen Jenks, who is beautiful, bright, and noisily suspicious of everything and everyone. Her obnoxious character is strong and attractive in a novel of vividly drawn insufferable characters. Also, many sensitivities and interests complicate matters for Ben’s office, the country’s embassy, the State Department, and the Washington police.

The reader gets the feeling of being privy to a closed world of insiders. However, given the novel was published in 1970, it feels like an artifact of a bygone age. Political disagreement is not a barrier to personal respect and friendship, an idea that seems quaint in our era of the institutionalized partisan divide.

The light tone is urbane and droll, the dialog suave and amusing. This is only what we would anticipate from R. B. Dominic, which was the pen name of two American businesswomen, economist Mary Jane Latsis (1927 –1997) and lawyer Martha Henissart (1929 – ). They also wrote under the name of Emma Lathen, with the series hero John Putnam Thatcher, a Wall Street investment banker before that job title became synonymous with “scoundrel.”


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Sunday, June 5th, 2016

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