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(Book) Mark this down…

Dear Members,

We are always trying to improve our site for you!  Right now we are working on updating the bookmarks and flyers found in the “Spread the Word” area under the Community tab at the bottom of the page.

We really want to make them more current, fresh and fun for you to use.  Bookmarks and flyers are a great way for you to share what you love about PaperBackSwap.com with friends and family and earn free referral credits, too!

This is where you come in—we’d like to have your ideas and suggestions about the bookmarks and flyers before we improve them—what would you like to see?  We have some categories in mind, like quotes, cute sayings, traditional look, etc….but want to hear your ideas, too.

This is not a contest, just a gathering of your ideas and suggestions.  We would love to hear from you!  Please respond here in the Blog area (no emails please) by July 20, 2009 and we will check back to see all of your creativity!

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9 Responses to “(Book) Mark this down…”

  1. Janice J. (dizz) says:

    I don’t use either one. I just tell people about the site. To be honest, many in my age bracket & upwards aren’t that interested; they have other ways of getting any books they might want and they find having to wrap & mail things off a bother. I don’t know what you can do about that; I’m used to it and don’t find it a problem, but folks new to online ‘sales’ seem to.

  2. ChristineMM says:

    I like the ones that make it clear the site is not just for paperback books, hardbacks too (audio books of secondary importance to me).

    Also I prefer the square ones for my blog, the long/wide ones don’t fit with my blog’s template.

    Thanks for listening.

  3. brenda c says:

    I use bookmarks and prefer to use IE 8 at this time. With IE 8 I can add a link on a toolbar that has the paperbackswap logo on it. Seems to me that most “streamline/global” companies are going with the acronyms these days…maybe make your bookmark “PBS” or “swapzone”…something less than the long name you’ve got now. Anyway, just an idea (which is what you guys wanted, right?). Love your site and have enjoyed many many books as a result!

  4. Artsy Jude says:

    Seems like people are confused about “bookmarks”, you do mean bookmarks made out of cardstock that you can use to mark your place in a book, right? Rather than a bookmark or favorite in a web browser, like Internet Explorer?

    My reply is:
    Yes, please!! I tell people about PBS, I send them emails, but there is nothing like direct contact! If I could tell people and then hand them something, that would be great!

    I would like to see a variety of different of really cool designed bookmarks, all with a place that you could put your information, so you can receive credit. Something new, fresh & fun! Your logo is fine, but it looks dated and targeted to the 50+ crowd. Let’s do some designs in florals, textures, graffiti, shapes, etc. I would also like to not only download a pdf of the bookmarks, but directly purchase them in the Kiosk. You could sell a variety pack with different designs. So, maybe have a contest and print up the top 10, then sell in a pack!

    My main point is: PBS, please update your image! PBS is an amazing program, I love it, but you need to start marketing to a younger audience!

  5. Susan C. (somersetpurple) says:

    I mention you all the time on the book site goodreads. I found you through People magazine. I know there is a historical fiction online site. It’s historicalfictiononline.com. I don’t know how easy or hard it would be to advertise on readers sites. goodreads.com does have advertisements, I know that for sure.

  6. I would like to see a widget in multiple sizes that you can put on your blog that will direct someone to PBS, or to your (my account) ala what Amazon.com does. Or Shelfari.

  7. Amy F. (evila-elf) says:

    I was actually poking around the bookcrossing.com site the other day…what about something that you can insert into a book? Even just a template to print out? I hate sticking stuff permanently into books, but just a little bookmark that has room for you to write your username so you can get credit for referring someone. I would love to ‘accidentally’ leave a few of those in library books 😉

    So just some templates that I can download, print on my own cardstock/photopaper that would be like a bookmark or even a business card. I talk to people all the time and would love to have something to hand them rather than a scrap of paper with the website scribbled on it.

  8. Adrienne (starvinArtist) says:

    For bookmarkers, include quotes from national publications.. Eye catching colors to draw attention. Number of members, number of books and genres should be included. Some kind of graphic to indicate books, not flowers or animals.

    I really like “Swap for price of postage” over “free”. I think simplicity is the key. The idea is to get them to visit the site. Once here, they can read specifics. I’d like to see a more inviting look to the bookmarker. Nicer colors. Maybe Red and Blue (patriotic) on white background, and a nice, clear font. (verdana or tahoma perhaps). And definitely able to personalize with name as referral. Why don’t TPTB do a contest to design a new bookmark, just like they did for twitter… just a thought.

  9. Amanda S. (ABCatHome) says:

    I think listing the books as “Free” is a bit misleading, and that it would be easier (as was stated already) to list it as “Only pay Postage…..Get the books!” or something like that.

    Also, having a way to put our own information on the printables would be great…that way people can give credit for the referral.

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