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Children’s Book Review – Duck Skates

Duck Skates by  Lynne Berry, Illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

Review by Issa S. (Issa-345)


Five little ducks wake up to snow and pull on their snow clothes to play in the snow.  This is a very bland description of this wonderful book.  Officially tagged as for ages 4-8, younger readers will enjoy it as well.

The book takes these five little ducks on an adventure from their home into the snow, on the ice, then home again.   I have always been partial to books written in rhyme and Ms. Berry writes this one beautifully.  You must be careful as you read it aloud, however, take this phrase for example:

“The first two lead with a duck-skate dash.  The last three chase–and the ducks all crash.”

I found several phrases like this were easy to fumble as I read aloud until I became more used to the flow.  But once you do get accustomed to the flow, it is a lot of fun to read aloud.  Ms. Berry also uses numbers throughout the story, two ducks here, three ducks there, five ducks tromping, ten feet stomping, etc. which allows for some easy counting and identification.

The flyleaf states that Ms. Nakata was raised in Japan.  I am not an expert on Japanese illustration but her work in this story is incredible.  The drawing lacks the strong black outlines often seen so the edges of the characters blend, but the drawings are quirky and follow the story precisely.  You can see expressions in the duck faces and though the pictures are still you can feel the ducks moving.

This is a book my little one and I both enjoy reading.  Very impressive for what I understand is Ms. Berry’s first children’s book.


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