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Romance Review – A Week to Be Wicked


A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare


Review by Jerelyn H. (I-F-Letty)


We are back to Spindle Cove, and Payne and Miranda are up.  This is pure Tessa Dare a funny, very sexy, road trip caper.

He’s had enough of this place called Spindle Cove, the war is over.   The militia can go home now right?   Not so fast.

She’s convinced this rake this unconscionable rogue is going to marry her sister.  He doesn’t love her and her sister deserves to be loved.   He needs money, and she has a plan to keep him funded, until he comes into his inheritance, and she can get her work before the Royal Geological Society in Edinburgh. It is a good plan, a false elopement, whom will it hurt?   Minerva knows this will ruin her socially, but no one really expects bookish unattractive Minerva to marry, do they?  It is a good plan.

Payne reluctantly agrees but he has conditions, and is frankly surprised when Minerva agrees to his conditions.  But at the last minute he balks.  Minerva however is going to Scotland to present her paper with or without him.  What is a gentleman to do?  So Payne goes along, to keep Minerva safe.

What I expect from a Tessa Dare novel is here. Pure fun, laugh out loud dialogue and romantic settings. The thing I noticed in the first Spindle Cove book rings true here for me as well. They remind me of those lovely old movies that I love to watch on TV.   4 stars

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