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Customized Email Options: Newsletter – October 2005

Ever open your email and find out that PBS has been working all night long just for you? There are emails to notify you of a book you requested, email to let you know a book has been mailed, email to say you’ve earned a credit, email that says you have personal messages . . . and the list goes on and on.

Well, now the list of emails coming from PBS can be customized to meet a member’s individual needs. Maybe you don’t really need to know that we’ve sent your request on to another member or that you have a personal message that the book you ordered has just been mailed. Now you can go to ‘My Account’ => ‘Account Settings’ => ‘Email Settings’ and choose to ‘opt out’ of specific emails that are listed.

Of course, some emails are totally necessary and serve as reminders from The PBS Team. Others are FYI and totally optional. You choose. Just another way PaperBackSwap is continuing to improve the club for all members.


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