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Postal Forums Provide Expert Information: Newsletter – October 2005

Many times we go to the forums to get opinions and ideas. However, when it comes to the Postal Forums, you can count on the real deal. Postal worker and dedicated PBS member Steve L. has been working with the founders to provide accurate and up-to-date information to all club members. Steve reads these forums daily and addresses postal concerns and questions. Please take the time to read and review all the postal forums, as this information is invaluable to those members wanting to send and receive books in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks Steve for all you do to keep us in line with the USPS.

A few gentle reminders regarding mailing:
– Please don’t use tape over stamps. USPS must be able to ‘cancel’ stamps.
– Please don’t use tape on covers when mailing books. Use of tape causes covers to tear and receiving members to be disappointed.
– Saran Wrap makes an excellent ‘weather proof’ cover under the book wrappers. However, the Cling Plus or Press-n-Seal products leave a gluey residue on the covers, so please don’t use them.
– Media Mail packages over one pound should be taken to the post office instead of dropping them in a box. This is due to post 9/11 security restrictions at the USPS.

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