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Horror Review – The Hungry Ones


The Hungry Ones (The Messy Man Series) by Chris Sorensen
Review by Melissa B. (dragoneyes)

This was a fantastic follow up to book 1, The Nightmare Room. I actually liked it more. This story takes the first book and turns and flips and winds everything around just enough to make your head spin and then smooths it out for you. So much so, that if you read book 2, then book 1 didn’t happen. Confused? Yeah, I was too at some parts of the story but I kept reading and it was worth it.

In this twisted tale we still have the Larson family but instead of focusing on the parents, we now pan in on their son Michael. Also, in place of the creepy house, we now have an even creepier hotel. Within the hotel are malevolent creatures that are looking to feed and they are very hungry.

I would highly recommend reading this one soon after the first book. I didn’t and really wish that I would have. I think it would’ve made the story less confusing. Even if you are confused, stick with it. It all comes together in the end.

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