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Keep in mind… Newsletter – November 2007

Keep in mind… The fires in Southern California last month caused a lot of upheaval.  We have heard from some members that their incoming mail has been delayed.  A member from Southern California wrote in to us “Please let everyone know that most of us are fine but large areas needed to evacuate for safety.”   So if you sent a book there, or requested a book from a member in that area, please be patient.  We are glad that things seem to be contained now, and we send our best wishes to all who were affected.

PBS (W)rap. Ahem. Mike on?  Testing, one two three…

Members write to us with things they want to mention/And we thought we’d put them here, just to get your attention.

If you’re sending an audio or a bound book in the mail/Try to wrap it up so it gets there without fail.

Check out the Help Center info on wrapping your book/You may have read it already, but it’s worth a second look.

Now we’re not talking about spending money on materials/You can get creative–try an inside-out box that once held cereal!

Your book needs protection to keep it safe on its trip/Think of the postal machines, and what can cause a rip.

If it’s going where it’s rainy, use an inner layer of plastic/The book will get there dry, and that will be fantastic.

If you use the manila envelopes that have the metal clasp, these can scuff/The cover of the book, and it arrives looking rough./ Cover up the metal with just a little piece of tape/And your book will get to the requestor’s mailbox in terrific shape!

If you’re Wishing for a book, the way that works best/Is to set that item to Auto-Request.

We know you’re really busy, but don’t send your books out late!/Put them in the mail within a day of the deadline date!/If your shipment is delayed for an unavoidable reason–we don’t doubt it/Just send a Personal Message telling the requestor about it./People won’t re-order a “lost” book if you tell them that it’s coming./Send that PM, and keep the swapping process humming.

And above all, the most important thing to remember–Don’t offer a “bad book” to another member./Don’t post books that don’t meet the guidelines for Book Condition/It’s not okay to post and then send a PM description!/If the book doesn’t measure up, you can’t put it on your shelf–instead/You can offer the book in the Book Bazaar Damaged Book thread!

We know that that this whole thing was pretty lame.  Oh, well/We are good at wrapping, not rapping…thanks for reading LOL

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