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Mystery Monday – Gone Girl


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Review by Mirah W. (mwelday)


I think I’ve read a lot of books: hundreds, definitely; thousands, perhaps.  However, I have never (not that I can recall, anyway) read a book with such crazy characters.  And I’m talking about bat poop, where’s the straightjacket, have to pronounce ‘crazy’ with more than two syllables kind of crazy (if you’re not from the south and this seems unclear, that would be craa-aaa-zy).

Nick and Amy are in love.  Or are they?  On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary Amy goes missing, and, as is the case with these types of crimes, Nick is a suspect.  Isn’t it always the husband?  Delivered via alternating points of view, we get to know Nick, Amy, their personalities and their marriage. Flynn masterfully delivers a suspenseful story with intricate details that had me constantly second guessing what I thought was happening.

What’s strange about this book is I liked it in spite of not liking the characters.  Liking at least one character is usually important to me. But in this novel I really could care less about Nick or Amy.  More correctly, they frustrated me to no end and I wanted to toss the book across the room more than once.  I think they are shallow, reactive, manipulative and, well, crazy. I suppose with those things in common, they are the perfect couple.

For me to keep reading when I really didn’t like the characters means there has to be something else there.   So here are what I consider the good points: the plot moves quickly, there is always some new development (even if it is a small detail that really speaks volumes), and Flynn kept me guessing at the end of each chapter about what could be happening next.  This is not the type of mystery a reader figures out after just a few chapters.  Well, let me correct that.  If you’re reading this book and figure it all out after just reading a few chapters, remind me never to cross you because I’m afraid.  Very afraid.

This book had me shaking my head in dismay, dropping my jaw in shock and widening my eyes at the creepiness of it all. Yes, it’s that kind of weird.  But it’s an engrossing weird because I couldn’t put it down.  So if you get your thrills from wacky, crazy, you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me kinds of stories, you need to get your hands on Gone Girl.






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2 Responses to “Mystery Monday – Gone Girl”

  1. Lori S. (GroovyGlitterGirl) says:

    Being from the south and partial to those kind of craaaaa-zyyyyyy stories, I am going to have to read this now. Thanks for the intriguing review!

  2. ANNA S. (SanJoseCa) says:

    Totally agree….hated the characters, loved the plot. Good review!

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