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PBS Cruise, Day 2 continued – Jeopardy PBS Style

 How many did you know?

General Trivia

100. The number of candles on the PBS Birthday Cake in September 2011. What is 7?

200. Where ALL of your transaction details are stored. What is the Transaction Archive?

300. Your source for the latest and greatest PBS news. What is the PaperBackSwap NewsWire?

400. PBS calls this state home. Where is Georgia?

500. The name of the program which featured 27 schools with a total donation of over 25,000 books. What is the Books For Schools Program?



100. 200, Gold Key 300. What is the Wish List?

200. To add books to your Book’s I’ve Read List, do this. What is give the book a Star Rating? 

300. Start your day here for a thought provoking quote and picture. What is Message of the Day?

400. DAILY DOUBLE. Where our live feed of site activity is shown, including, books being swapped and posted, member registrations, etc.  It updates every 15 seconds. What is Under The Hood?

500. Magazines, Comic Books, Coloring Books, Calendars, Blank Journals. What are Unpostable Items?


Acronyms & Icons

100. The entity used to get our books to and from other members. What is the USPS?

200. MoM. What is Member of the Month?

300. How books are queued at PBS. What is FIFO (First in, First out)?

400. TGL. What is Tour Guide Leader?

500. This is the unique number that identifies books in the PBS system (abbreviated ISBN). What is the International Standardized Book Number? (10 or 13 digits)



100.*No Missing, Torn, Loose or Chewed Pages. *Front and Back cover must present. *No Writing, Highlighting or Underlining. *Binding Intact. *No water damage, stains or mold. What is a Postable Book?

200. Paperback, Hardcover, Audio CD, Audio Cassette, Large Print Only. What are Binding Types?

300. Author. Title. ISBN. Binding Type. What must match exactly to Post a Book?

400. 5 Million +. How many books are currently available to order at PBS? As of this morning there are 5,112,898


Under the Community Tab

100. Where you can find helpful members to assist you. What is the Questions About PaperBackSwap Discussion Forum?

200. Subscribable feature that lets you swap books for books with other members without credits. What is Box-O-Books?

300. See the most posted book, the most Wish Listed book, the most Requested book, the member who has the most referrals and the member who has swapped the most books. What is the Top 100?

400. Find Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Book Grab Giveaways, Member Musings and the Vostromoscope. What is the PBS Blog?

500. You can print a customized bookmark with the PBS logo here. What is Spread the Word?



100. Yellow and Blue. What are the PBS Colors?

200. The names of the PBS Sister Sites. What is SwapaCD and SwapADVD?

300. This feature allows members with public profiles to communicate with their PBS friends. What is the Bulletin Board?

400. New Member Questions. Lounge A. Lounge B. Over 45 and picking up speed. Games. What is Live Chat?

500. How to Swap Books, Browse the Help Docs, Ask the Librarian, Live Help. What is the Help Center?


Final Jeopardy

Who is the author with the most posted books in the history of PBS?

Who is Dan Brown?

With Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code, Digital Fortress and Deception Point, Dan Brown is by far the author with the most posted books here at PBS. As of this morning there are 12,386 Dan Brown books available to order.







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    Yeah!!!! I get to be the first comment. What a fun game……even if Lori beat me…..

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