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PBS Store: Newsletter – December 2007

We now have the LightWedges in hardcover size; these are really cool!  We have also added Shadow Suede Purple as a color for the BookMate II–it was a very popular choice for BookMate I.   Remember that you can custom-order your color if it is not one of our stock colors or patterns for the size BookMate you want–just put in the order for “custom color” and send us an email at librarian@paperbackswap.com, and give us some extra time (approximately 3 weeks) to fill the order from our supplier.   You wouldn’t be able to get a custom color BookMate by this Christmas, but we have plenty of patterns and colors to choose from in stock, in both sizes.  We are still looking for new items for the Store, which is a very labor-intensive process: the quality has to be high and the price low.  And we have to like it.  Nothing gets into the Store unless it is PBS-approved.  So keep your eye on the Store (in the PBS Kiosk) to see what we come up with.


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