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Poetry Review – Poems for Men Who Dream of Lolita

Poems For Men Who Dream of Lolita by Kim Morrissey

Review by Rebecca (rocky1)


Poems for Men who Dream of Lolita  by Kim Morrisey touches on what we do not get to see in the infamous novel originally written by Vladimir Nabokov-Lolita and her actual experiences.

In this book of poetry, we are privy to her thoughts, feelings and life, both before meeting the notorious Humbert Humbert, during her time with him in their travels and daily life, her experience escaping Humbert and into the arms of Claire Quilty, and finally, leaving Quilty and working in a diner, where she meets her future husband, Richard.

Here, we are able to see Lolita as an actual human being-not necessarily the “bad girl” or “seductive nymphet” Humbert portrays her as. Rather, we are able to see her as a flesh-and-blood girl who is despised at by her mother, longs for love, and has an inquiring mind of the world and people around her. Her thoughts on love and life are present throughout each poem. The poems are not tedious or overly long, and even those who do not read a lot of poetry would find this easy to digest. One does not have to have read Lolita by Nabokov, but it does help to give a better understanding of the characters and settings.

I especially enjoyed being able to see the aspects of her we are not permitted to see in the original novel, such as her disappointment in Quilty and the life he offers her, becoming pregnant with Richard’s child, getting married, and being a housewife.

Fans of the novel should not miss this intimate experience with an unlikely heroine.

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