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Romance Review – Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch

Review by Kelsey O.


Domovitch starts her novel with the life of Alex Ivanov in Manhattan, New York. Nothing comes easy for him. He has had to fight for everything since the day he was born. He finally gets the chance of a lifetime time to pursue his dream of being an architect, in Paris. Brigitte Dartois’ life is very similar. Raised by a jealous mother and abused by her step-father, Brigitte is kicked out of her house to the streets of Paris where she struggles to make a living with her art. Though they both face many ups and downs, they take what is thrown at them with determination and strive to better themselves. Then their lives eventually intersect leaving the reader anticipating the next installment.

Scorpio Rising was recommended to me by one of my book club members. She said that the novel will surprise me. It did. I found the plot moved quickly and the passion of the characters leaped right off the pages. I like how Domovitch sets the characters up so that their past defines how the react to each other. Alex who was used by a woman and thrown away tends to stake claims on all his future relationships quickly and walks away before becoming hurt. Brigitte has been abused by men and is weary about entering a relationship with someone. Somehow they are able to get through each other’s barriers but not without some drama.

I highly recommend this book for anyone just wanting a bit of a change of pace. I was skeptically at first but was instantly drawn into this 1940’s world. I would consider Scorpio Rising a hidden gem and look forward to reading The Sting of The Scorpio (which I have already purchased).



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