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Swap DVDs! Newsletter – December 2007

Duh, SwapaDVD, of course.   The goatmail that went out announcing the launch of the site didn’t fool anyone–thousands of members signed up the first day we opened, and the rush continues.  There are almost 25,000 DVDs available to request now, after only a week.  The swapping is fast and furious and the Wish List is really working beautifully.   We noticed the SwapaDVD forum topics “complaining” about getting TOO many Wish List items (!).  Since DVDs are light they can mostly be mailed first-class, and thousands of DVDs have changed hands already.   Only the goats are saying baaaaaa humbug over at SwapaDVD; everyone else is having too much fun. Don’t forget, SwapaDVD is free to use just like PaperBackSwap!


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