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TIPS & TRICKS: Newsletter – December 2006

The One-page label option on the Wrapper Settings page is designed for use as a label for an alternate method of packaging, not as the sole means to wrap a book. Members wanted a way to print out the address on an adhesive label to apply to their package (padded mailer, envelope, etc), so we did the programming to make this possible. But one page will not cover a book properly for mailing. If you plan to use the PBS Wrapper as the external packaging for your book, please choose option (1) or (2) on the Wrapper Settings page. Remember, your book should be completely enclosed in the wrapping, and seams and corners should be reinforced with tape (shipping, not Scotch). An inner layer of plastic around the book is a wise precaution in this wet season. Whatever your wrapping method, it should protect your books, so that they get to their new homes safely!

Look for the big red W on your TBR (“To Be Read”) Pile when trying to decide what to read next: the red W next to a book there means it is currently on at least one member’s Wish List, and if you read the book and post it, you will be fulfilling a Wish and getting a credit when the book is marked received by the requestor (or when your DC barcode is scanned by USPS and that information is transmitted to us). The big red W means everybody Wins!

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