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We are NINE! Happy Birthday PBS!

PaperBackSwap is 9!!


To celebrate 9 years of PaperBackSwap, here is a contest for our members!



Tell us a story in exactly 9 words. Not 8, not 10, but 9 words. Exactly 9.



The Grand Prize Winner will receive 9 credits! 8 runners up will each receive 1 credit!




We will announce the winners on Tuesday, September 3rd. Contest is only open to current PBS members whose accounts are in good standing.



Good luck to everyone!




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167 Responses to “We are NINE! Happy Birthday PBS!”

  1. SirryD says:

    Books expand our horizons no matter where we live

  2. Becky Deloney says:

    Kleenex snowballs, sniffles, throat lozenges, couch, book, “school daze.”

  3. Teresa Kaminski says:

    I was sad until I found Paperback Swap Club.

  4. Night began to yawn, “Wait! Wait!”,yelled the Sun.

  5. Erin O. (Erin) says:

    Books are the way I travel into other worlds

  6. Rachel-Renee says:

    And they lived happily ever after reading from PaperBackSwap!

  7. Rachel-Renee says:

    And they lived happily ever after—in their studio.

  8. JonnieAngel says:

    I love Paperback Swap dot com, so so much.

  9. Debbie H. (gussek) says:

    Paperback Swap is my favorite gateway to reading adventures.

  10. Charles A. (txturkey) says:

    Blues are gone with a good book in hand.

  11. Roxanne B. (roxyanne) says:

    His breathing stops. Everything goes quiet. My heart breaks.

  12. Nicole G. (nyteacher) says:

    I joined paperbackswap. TBR is now out of control.

  13. Lynda C. (Readnmachine) says:

    “Here’s your new red shirt, Ensign!”

    . . . . .

    “He’s dead, Jim.”

  14. Alisa F. (Greycat133) says:

    A table set for two. Only one chair filled.

  15. Rose Ann M. (moonspinners) says:

    Joined Paperbackswap. Increased books by the ton. Love it!

  16. mistyks says:

    Hannah loved chocolate. How to resist? She couldn’t.

  17. mistyks says:

    Hannah loved chocolate. How to resist? She could not.

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