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Fantasy Review – City of Nightmares

City of Nightmares by Rebecca Schaeffer

Review by Melissa B. (dragoneyes)


I thought the concept of the story sounded intriguing. In a town where going to sleep can mean waking up as your worst nightmare… literally. Ness has seen it up close and personal. Her sister woke up as a giant spider and killed their dad right in front of her. This made Ness terrified of everything. The only place that she could feel safe was at the Friends of the Restless Soul. There you train to fight and vanquish nightmares. Ness makes sure she does just enough at the organization to keep herself there but also just a little less to keep her out of harm’s way. The city is full of nightmares though and there is no way to hide from them forever.

I really enjoyed this story. It kept me wanting to read more. I enjoyed the friendships that surrounded Ness and also enjoyed some of the creepy nightmares. The only downfall is that our main character could wear on you after a bit. She was quite repetitive in her fear and the image that her sister left in her head. Enough so that I found myself skimming those parts. Luckily, even though it is closer to the end, she does start to find her way and get a lot more confidence. Excited to see what the next book has in store.




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