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Instant Credits & Book Tags: Newsletter – October 2007

Instant Credits are here. Yes, if you print your postage through PBS (you can choose this on the Wrapper Settings page), you will get credit as soon as you mark the book mailed–no waiting for USPS to scan or for the member to receive! What’s better than clicking a button and getting a credit? You can read the FAQs About Printable Postage in the Help Center, to learn all about this feature.

Tag–you’re it! Now you can apply Book Tags to any book in the database, pretty much anywhere you see the book listing. What are they used for? Tags let you put your mark on any item in the database, and create any number of one-click “custom searches”! Tag books you liked…books you hated…books with an antihero…books about the Russian Revolution…books you think have a good moral message…biographies…books you read in school…books you were supposed to read in school…books you have on your nightstand…books you would want with you on a desert island…pretty much anything goes! You can apply any number of tags to an item. and you can click on any tag to see a list of all the books bearing that tag. (We will soon have a way to view the available tags without having to see them on a book listing first.) When you look at a book in the database, you will always see the tags you applied (and you can remove them from there too), even if no one else can. You will also see the top 15 tags that members have applied to that book. Read more about Tags in the Help Center document Book Tags.

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